Introduced to each other by our buses in 2006–“Better late than never”.

Lar: New York boy, ex-Marine, retired IBM manager, techie and traveler. Wandered North America for two years in his bus from Alaska to Florida and from Canada to Mexico. Likes music, photography, and a good chick flick.

Mags: Kansas girl, retired hospice nurse, dabbler in archaeology, perennial student. Lived and worked in the Middle East and on the Navajo reservation. Likes writing, photography, and a good football game.

9 thoughts on “About

  1. “Introduced to each other by our buses” intrigues me; hope it wasn’t a collision! For two people (or buses) from the different worlds of New York and Kansas to make a match, it must have been written in the stars. So glad it happened. 🙂

  2. when I got the call to take care of the dog “a couple more days”…I was extremely excited for Maggie…she was a school girl all over again…and when I met Larry…well…enough said…one of the coolest cats I know…and when they let me come with them to Utah…AWESOME!!!…I am looking forward to seeing them…as ever…

  3. Where do you folks homebase, or are you fulltimers? We started out 20 years in an 81Westy on 2 year sojourn to Mexico and central america. We never went back and have been fulltime RVers ever since. Currently summering (early) in SoCal after our winter desert travels. Just acquired an 84 diesel Westy to do it (or some of it) over again.

  4. Hey guys– I’ve looked all over the RoadHaus site to find an email address- no luck. I just want to ask someone hot to use the section where I want to write a review of a vdery fine little shop in the suburbs of Washington DC, on the Virginia side. It’s inscrutable- can’t find how/where to put my review.s If anyone can help, write me at lchager@gmail.com Thanks

  5. Maggie Dew
    We’re not lost we’re retired since Dec 30,2011. Still living in Carmel only 5 miles from Point Lobos. You can contct us at 831-625-7543 or bancroft.cs@gmail (dot) com
    Next week is a killer for us. We can explain when we talk. Love to hear more from you

    Chuck and Sheryl

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